The Mercy Project would not exist without the support of our donors. Thanks to you, we’ve been able to assist more than 600 people per year in accessing free healthcare. In honour of our donors, we’ve created this page to show our thanks to the gracious people who have been giving to The Mercy Project throughout the years, since our founding in 2008.


DAILY SUPPORTERS: These donors have given $5-$25 and help us treat daily health concerns like malaria, respiratory infections, and cuts & scrapes.

ESSENTIAL SUPPORTERS: These donors have given $25-$100 and help us purchase priority medications and inventory stock for months at a time.


SALARIES AND GROWTH SUPPORTERS: These donors have donated $100-$500 and help us to invest in growth opportunities and pay monthly salaries like hiring a nurse’s assistant or finding medication for diseases.

INFRASTRUCTURE SUPPORTERS: These donors have donated $500 or more and help us contribute to the medical infrastructure and construction of the clinics at St. Jude Children’s Home and Sports Outreach Institute Gulu.

MONTHLY SUPPORTERS: These donors are our monthly donors and contribute to us every month. They help us remain sustainable with a stable income and a strong foundation so that The Mercy Project can continue to support our partners in Northern Uganda.

BOOSTERS: This section is to honour the hundreds of people who attend our fundraisers and who cannot be named, but we hope you know how much we appreciate you. Your support helps us boost all of our programs and keep The Mercy Project alive and energetic.


VOLUNTEERS: We love our volunteers. Some help us at an event or two and some organize their own fundraisers. Either way, participating in raising money for healthcare is an invaluable contribution to The Mercy Project.

So to all of our supporters, we thank you.