Sports Outreach Ministry Gulu (SOM) is a community organization working to strengthen the community of Gulu through economic and personal empowerment programs. They operate several community centres, with The Mercy Project working with the SOM Community Centre in the Koro sub-region. Their daycare, The Mango Tree Daycare, provides education, food, and a safe and friendly environment for its children. Recognizing the need to enhance the level of healthcare provided to the children, TMP provided support for medical care, which included treatments for infections and for malaria, and de-worming.

Our partnership began with financial support to bring all the daycare children into Gulu, the closest town, for regular medical check-ups. This then transitioned into creating a small clinic that neighboured the daycare at SOM in order to serve more community members in a more efficient manner. In the last two years, SOM decided to re-build a new and larger daycare, to establish their own fully-stocked clinic and to hire their own medical officer. These new buildings will serve more children along with the staff and Koro community at large. We are currently funding the building of this new project.